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If you love Italian food, today is your day! Are you celebrating National Italian Food Day but aren’t sure what to make? Enjoy one of the 25+ recipes from our #1 International Best Selling cookbook Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes. Our five generations of recipes include appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and desserts and family stories behind them. From the traditional pasta sauces to the delicious Italian cookies, these recipes will make your taste buds want more! In general, Italians don’t soak their pasta in sauce or have a heavy layer of meat in their sauce that dominates the dish. Pictured here is rigatoni with Mamacita’s Italian Meat Sauce and some freshly grated cheese.

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Some of our favorite memories as children in a big Italian family were eating homemade pizza! Whether this was Nonna Josie’s thick Sicilian-style square pizza crust, or one of Aunt Angie’s, Nonna Mary’s, or Mamacita’s homemade pizzas, this traditional Italian staple was a must-have at all our family events. We remember when Nonna Josie would throw flour on the kitchen table and teach us how to make our own dough, and we couldn't wait to eat our final product!

Nonna Josie’s Pizza Crust recipe is in our cookbook and is easy-to-make. Combined with your favorite toppings, making homemade pizza from scratch is fun and will keep your family and friends asking for homemade pizza all of the time!

To learn more about Nonna Josie’s Pizza Crust and to order our cookbook Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Recipes,

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If you want simple, delicious, party-favorite appetizers while watching the Super Bowl, dive into the cookbook Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes, specifically the section - It Smells Ready: Side Dishes & Appetizers! Recently, Cugine in Cucina was featured on Cleveland’s Fox 8 Recipe Box with Stefani Schaefer. Here, Angela, Corrina, and Mary demonstrated how to make Corrina’s Famous (Party-Favorite) Pepperoni Roll. Pairing this easy-to-make appetizer with Angela’s Pasta Sauce is always a party hit! To learn more about Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian recipes, and to re-watch how to make this simple, delicious, appetizer, watch here. To order your cookbook today, click here.

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