If you want simple, delicious, party-favorite appetizers while watching the Super Bowl, dive into the cookbook Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes, specifically the section - It Smells Ready: Side Dishes & Appetizers! Recently, Cugine in Cucina was featured on Cleveland’s Fox 8 Recipe Box with Stefani Schaefer. Here, Angela, Corrina, and Mary demonstrated how to make Corrina’s Famous (Party-Favorite) Pepperoni Roll. Pairing this easy-to-make appetizer with Angela’s Pasta Sauce is always a party hit! To learn more about Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian recipes, and to re-watch how to make this simple, delicious, appetizer, watch here. To order your cookbook today, click here.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Homemade Pepperoni Roll is not hard to make and is worth the effort when you bite into a warm slice fresh from the oven. Cleveland cousins Angela Siciliano, Corrina Siciliano & Mary Kovach recently wrote a cookbook honoring their Italian ancestry. In this edition of Fox Recipe box, the cousins share their recipe for homemade Pepperoni Roll. To learn more about Cousins in the Kitchen and how to order their cookbook “Don’t Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes

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If you like Mamacita's Olive Salad but want a little twist, add your favorite pasta! Here, we added gemelli rather than eating it with fresh Italian bread and mozzarella - and it's just as good! It can be served warm for a meal or cool for a side salad. To alter this dish for gluten sensitivities, please see the General Health Information page in our cookbook Don't Cut the Basil, where you can also find Mamacita's Olive Salad detailed recipe!

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