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Italian Kitchen Royalty: The Granddaughter of a Queen, Ale Gambini

Originally published in ItalyUSA Magazine

Alessandra (Ale) Gambini is a Los Angeles-based chef who was born and raised in northern Italy. She is an entrepreneur who built her own multi-media platform: a cookbook, YouTube .......(read more)


Next Generation of Italian-American Cooks: a conversation with Cara Di Falco

Originally published in ItalyUSA Magazine

Cara Di Falco is a proud Italian-American and self-made entrepreneur. Understanding the intricacies of broadcast journalism paired with her love for her Italian upbringing, she created Cara’s Cucina.......(read more)


Setting the Record Straight on Christopher Columbus with Author and Expert Rafael Ortiz

Originally published in ItalyUSA Magazine

Rafael Ortiz is a highly sought-after expert on Christopher Columbus. He authored four books on Columbus (three in English, one in Spanish). He’s done his due diligence reading the actual journals.......(read more)


An Old World Proponent, Intellect, and Artist of Italian Music: Commendatore Aaron Caruso

Originally published in ItalyUSA Magazine

Aaron Caruso shares his love of the Italian and Italian-American culture through song. It’s his passion. He studied opera in both Italy and New York, and as a result, he performed.......(read more)


Lisa Marie Falbo and Mary Kovach interview cookbook author and television host, Mary Ann Esposito!

From OSDIA Interviews LIVE

Lisa Marie Falbo and Mary Kovach will be joined by award-winning chef, cookbook author and television host, Mary Ann Esposito! .......(view here)


Interview with Corrina and Angela Siciliano!

Dr. Daniele Fioretti interviewa our very own Angela and Corrina for IAOOHP (Italian American in Ohio Oral History Project)
View their interview.......(view here)

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