Nutrition Labels

As we state in our cookbook, we know many people have special diets, and we thought it would be helpful to include nutritional labels for each of the recipes in Don't Cut the Basil: Five Generations of Authentic Italian Recipes. We want to disclose that we are not nutritionists but used an app to obtain the nutritional information that we share for you.  

Angela's Cannoli Dip - Nutrition Label.j
Angela's Fall Pomegranate Bruschetta - N
Angela's Italian Wedding Soup - Nutritio
Angela's Meatballs - Nutrition Label.jpg
Angela's Pasta Sauce - Nutrition Label.j
Aunt Angie's Amaretto Sweet Potatoes - N
Aunt Angie's Carrot Cake - Nutrition Lab
Aunt Angie's Cheese Ball - Nutrition Lab
Corrina's Caponata - Nutrition Label.jpg
Corrina's Famous (Party-Favorite) Pepper
Cugine Bruschetta - Nutrition Label.jpg
Mamacita's Caprese Salad - Nutrition Lab
Mamacita's Italian Meat Sauce - Nutritio
Mamacita's Olive Dip - Nutrition Label.j
Mamacita's Pasta e Formaggio - Nutrition
Mamacita's Pecan Cheese Ball - Nutrition
Mamacita's San Giuseppe Pasta - Nutritio
Mamacita's Sicilian Olive Salad - Nutrit
Mamacita's Taco Pasta - Nutrition Label.
Mamacita's Thanksgiving Stuffing - Nutri
Mamacita's Tuna Pasta - Nutrition Label.
Mary's Bella Luna Cookie - Nutrition Lab
Mary's Strawberry Granita Italian Ice -
Nonna Josie's Sicilian Pizza Crust - Nut
Nonna Mary's Italian Biscotti - Nutritio
Watermelon Caprese Inspired by Ale Gambi